web analytics

Web Analytics can provide exceptional insights to the performance of your website when done right. Thinkweaver takes pride in offering unparalleled services in analytics and reporting. 

define goals

identify KPI

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Web analytics can help you determine who visits your website, what they look for while on your site and why they leave. It can also help you identify which pages are doing well and which ones are stagnant. It allows you to determine the keywords that are driving traffic to your website. 

Getting this data-driven marketing strategy spot-on will benefit your business in achieving KPIs, greater ROI and happy customers.

Our team of specialists will first understand your objectives, KPIs, target audience while working closely with you and your team. We then get the right systems and configurations in place to start tracking the website. 

Have you already got it all setup but not getting results? Worry not! We do specialise in analysing your existing web analytics configuration and identifying & fixing the issues. We also make sure the data gathered is used across your organisation to improve your site’s performance and marketing efforts.

We can determine the links that brought visitors to your site through web analytics. People can come directly to your website or from another link. If visitors are using specific keywords to find your site, you can optimise your website and content for those keywords. 

With web analytics, you can make your website more relevant for your visitors and search engines.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and we ‘d love to help you on your project.