5 most influential SEO tactics to follow today for better ranking

SEO strategies are all over the internet and the cyberspace is already crammed with tons of information on what to do and what not to do to get your site to the numero uno page.

Though the strategies that are being shared by experts looks repetitive and obvious, as a business owner it is quite imperative for you to pick the most important ones and make the best use of them in your website. We thereby identified a gap for this article and thought we would jump in and share our thoughts before others do.

By the way, this article will serve the best for people with basic to intermediate knowledge on SEO. So, here we go!

Who doesn’t like that organic, natural stream of traffic direct from Google!

We all strive for that maximum reward every day and follow the best of the lot procedures to get the Ultimatum to put us on top of the list. But during the process, what we tend to miss is the fact that some of the tactics are already overused and would only add a little to no value to your site. So, that’s where we’d like to start this list from.


This topic alone deserves a separate blog as there are so many of them, but we found the need to add the most important ones here as a reminder and that too, at the top. Moreover, when you get rid of almost all of those bad (cheeky?) tactics in your website, that by itself turns out to be a great strategy for you. Agree?

  • Hidden links – especially, look out for the ‘designed and developed by’ link in the footer. It’s a favor your developer takes without asking. So, don’t be too generous and mark it with “nofollow” straightaway.
  • Plagiarism – always do this check to ensure you don’t have any duplicate content in your site with or without your knowledge. This is a recipe for disaster. There are plagiarism checker tools like this one here – smallseotools, which can be used to avoid this mistake.
  • Link exchange – never buy backlinks from outside. Yes, people still do this may be, without knowing the consequences and fizzle out ultimately.

These are some of the most important points to remember but if you’d like to know more of such bad black hat techniques to avoid, we’d recommend an extensive search on google on this topic furthermore ensure they are all taken care of in your website.


This is one of my favorite SEO strategies and will exist as long as SE’s do I believe. This is also an important factor when it comes to content marketing. If your website is content-rich and has years of blog posts, then ensure you conduct an audit on those contents at least once every year.

When you re-visit a year-old blog, it might sometimes appear wrong to the present day scenario or even stupid as the content is no longer valid (at least that’s what happens with my personal diary). So, in such cases, don’t just let the blog in the archive. Better modify it, re-phrase it or even remove it as it rightly demands.

Optimization doesn’t stop there. Of course, there is keyword optimization in your contents and ensure they are precisely used.


AMP enables you to create ultra fast mobile pages. Everyone uses smartphones these days more than a PC, laptop or tablet and so it is super important to get your website ready for that generation of internet users. It’s not only that, AMP also brings you better performance and engagement. So, it is indeed a no brainer to embrace it.

Also, by adopting to AMP, you let Google know that you have optimized your website for mobile users and they can feel the same or in fact, a much better fluid browsing experience in their handheld devices.

If you’d like to know more about AMP, head straight to the below link to read more.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project


Link building is undoubtedly a crucial tactic when it comes to SEO. Everyone does it but how many of them are doing it the right way? It is immensely important that you get backlinks from the websites, influencers that are relevant to your website, brand or business sector.

Backlinks that you get through your efforts via top quality content or industry’s top influencers are huge and exceptionally effective. But at the same time, when you get it wrong and have irrelevant backlinks it will equally have a bad effect on your SEO powers.

Hence, it is always a best practice to check out the backlinks you have on a monthly basis using tools like moz’s link explorer or smallseotools and ensure you get rid of the unwanted ones using Google webmaster disavow procedure.


Long-tail keywords are obviously longer with 3 or more keyword phrases and also the more specific ones that your audience are likely to use. When a internet user looks for a specific data, they are highly likely to use longer keyword phrases so that the chances of finding the exact information is high.

Hence, it is important for you to identify the long-tail keywords that your visitor is most likely to use and implant them in your website, for example in title tag to have more weight.

Long-tail keywords also contribute towards high conversion rate, low bounce rate and also helps you outrank your competition according to this Neil Patel’s blog.

We hope you found this article useful in framing out your SEO strategies. If you’d like more guidance and support in running your SEO campaign, get in touch with our support team now via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to help you win that SEO battle at affordable rates.

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